The view of U.S. from across the pond

Via Mark Maynard’s blog, I came across “Bush’s war comes home,” by Sidney Blumenthal and appearing in the British publication, The Guardian. Now admittedly, The Guardian is a publication of ” the left” to say the least. But I think this opening paragraph probably does sum up a lot of the perceptions in Europe right now about the Bush administration:

President Bush’s drive for absolute power has momentarily stalled. In a single coup, he planned to take over all the institutions of government. By crushing the traditions of the Senate he would pack the courts, especially the supreme court, with lockstep ideologues. Sheer force would prevail. But just as his blitzkrieg reached the outskirts of his objective, he was struck by a mutiny. Within the span of 24 hours he lost control not only of the Senate but temporarily of the House of Representatives, which was supposed to be regimented by unquestioned loyalty. Now he prepares to launch a counterattack – against the dissident elements of his own party.

And I also think this is pretty much accurate, too.

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