Blogtalk Downunder web site (er, blog)

I found out via Kairos News this morning that there’s a blog conference going on in Australia right now called Blogtalk Downunder. The web site/blog (yet another WordPress site, I might add!) includes talk about the conference and, perhaps more importantly for me, links to papers given at the conference.

The two things that strike me about this for the time-being:

  • While I could easily fall into looking through this site right now as a procrastination activity from things I have to be doing (short term: grading essays; medium term: revising a textbook), I am going to have to check this out later, maybe when I start again thinking about teaching stuff having to do with blogs.
  • I wouldn’t mind an excuse to go to Australia, an excuse (for example) like presenting at a conference there. Of course, I’d have to find someone to contribute the arm and/or leg I’d have to pay to get there….

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