Sorry about that EKG, pal…

I went to my doctor today to get some allergy medicine and some other miscellaneous and routine things. I hate going to the doctor for at least two different reasons. First, I’m not all that crazy about this particular doctor– he’s not bad, but I don’t think he’s great, either. One of these days, I’m going to do the legwork to find a doctor who isn’t associated with a megahealth industrial complex sort of operation and who takes my insurance and is someone who seems both competent and likeable. Good luck with that one, huh?

Second, going to the doctor– even when you show up on time, even when it is just to get some stupid allergy medicine– involves an hour wait. Which begs the question: why not just show up an hour late?

Anyway, I had my laptop with me to do some various school work and email activities. I typed away in the waiting room happily. Once I got situated in the exam room, I took out my laptop again and resumed tying. About five minutes later, the nurse knocked at the door and peeked in. “Mr. Krause?”


“Uh, can you turn off your laptop? It’s interfering with the EKG machine next door.”

“Oh, okay. No problem. I hope it didn’t cause any problems.”

“No, no. The readings were too weird, we knew something was wrong.”

But I’m just picturing the poor sap who was hooked up to the machine. You know that they started the thing up and the nurse said something like “Wow, that’s weird.” Not exactly the words you want to hear from a health care professional while they are running tests….

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