April being the cruelest month…

The end of the semester and school year is near, so I don’t have much time to post. But besides being one of the busiest months in the school year, April also is National Poetry Month. I was reminded of this not by the fine poets who teach here at EMU but by some fellow comp/rhet folks. Go figure.

Anyway, let me direct you to two different posts for your poetic musings:

  • Mike at Vitia has a GREAT found poem called “The Disordered House” that I personally think he ought to send out, maybe to College English (I think they still publish poems, don’t they?)
  • Collin Brooke has this link to “HTTP in tha House,” which turns the text on a web page into rap lyrics. I think Collin’s poem turned out pretty good; mine, not so much. Here’s mine, which is based on the course description for my “Writing for the World Wide Web” class:

this means that you are
other words tar
class top style margin left
class should bereft
learn about software help your
a b drawer
chunk of reading
and writing about the world heading
web site into a
old that can make a passe
p blockquote p
access to a personal tee
p not surprisingly there will
that genre this project will swill
you will propose
talking about basic design prose

I like those last couple lines a lot. Sort of sums up the purpose of that class….

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