Pretty cool music: Impact 89 FM

I was up in Lansing this afternoon, and on the way home, I was trying to get the iTrip thing-a-ma-bob for my iPod to work. I was having a hard time. I’m not complaining, but the real value of the iTrip is when you are on the open road where there’s nothing but static. In an area with lots of radio stations, especially radio stations on the lower-end of the FM dial, it doesn’t work so hot.

Anyway, there’s lots of radio stations around Lansing, blocking out my iTrip experience. But that’s okay, because after a little channel surfing, I came across “Impact 89 FM,” which is a student station at Michigan State. Good and commercial free stuff, certainly better than any station I listen to in this format around here (okay, not as good as WEMU, but that’s a whole different story). On my way home today, I heard a song on this station (and I swear this is true) by a seven or eight year old kid (and I think his father, if I got the story right) singing this kinda punk sounding song that was just one line over and over again, a line that went something like “I like skeletons, do you like skeletons?” Fabulous. I think I’ll try to listen online once in a while.

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