New look– you like?

I’m playing around with the look of the blog, trying to make it look sort of like the new site. There’s two thoughts (I guess) and once concern I have about the new look:

  • I’m using verdana and georgia as the fonts for this page because (and I didn’t realize this until I read it in a book I’m teaching this semester) these fonts were designed to be particularly readable on the screen.
  • I’m going with a pretty simple design with a dark block across the top of the page because in my Writing for the World Wide Web class this semester, my students and I again and again really liked the pages with this sort of big block of a header at the top of the page like this. It just seems to make it more readable.
  • My concern is I want to do something with this page to make it distinct form my “official” blog, which I’m also going to redesign soon. I think what I might do is change the grey background to something a bit more colorful; we’ll see.

Anyway, what does my vast audience think?

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