The mad dash to the end….

Here’s just a short list of things going on right now (and these are just the things I can remember):

  • I was distracted by and then out of town for some family matters the last couple days;
  • I have a draft of an article for something I really need to send off some time today;
  • EMU Faculty Council is meeting today (I am our department’s representative), and we’re voting for a new president (among other things), so that will probably be an “interesting” meeting;
  • I have many things to grade/comment on, and I ought to do most of that some time today;
  • Tomorrow, I have at least two meetings in the afternoon after I teach;
  • Friday is the gathering to celebrate and honor graduate students in our department, and Monday afternoon is the gathering to celebrate undergraduate majors;
  • April 19 is the last day of classes; and
  • I am certain I am forgetting something. And never mind the fact that I need to do stuff around the house like clean out my gutters.

This is all my way of saying that it might take me a few days to get back in the swing with any relevant or interesting blog postings. Stay tuned for details….

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