Blogging banned at a high school in Vermont– sort of

See this entry on Weblogg-ed, “School Bans Blogs.” This is kind of old news (relatively speaking), but I thought it was worthwhile to post here since I can imagine seeing this kind of thing coming up again in one of my classes.

My initial reaction was the same as Will R.’s at Weblogg-ed: “outrageous!!!” Then I read the article in the Rutland Herald newspaper. It’s a little vague, but it seems that what is really being banned here is something called, which looks to me kind of like a sort of “singles” site. I tried to browse it for a few minutes, and it mostly seemed like a) women in underwear or bikinis, b) people who were looking for “special close” kinds of friends, and/or c) goofballs.

Anyway, I still don’t think the principal should ban the site from school, and parents should of course monitor their children’s use of the internet. That’s parenting. But what appears to be happening here is that the principal thinks that all blogs are along the lines of these things on So we have a proverbial throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Maybe somebody ought clue this guy in on Blogger….

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