It's not too early to think of the CCCCs 2006

Via Collin’s blog, I found the link to the call for papers for the CCCCs 2006 (it’s a PDF file). Collin’s post about this is a reading of the problems of the proposal itself (problems I agree with, by the way), but I just wanted to point out a couple of things, especially for the EMU grad students who might stumble across this post:

  • Next year’s CCCCs is going to be March 22-25 in Chicago at the Palmer House– probably my favorite big city and one of my favorite conference hotels. And, worth noting, a convenient four to five hour drive from the Ypsi/AA area.
  • Paper proposals are due April 25; online proposals are due May 2.
  • The stated theme is “Composition in the Center Spaces: Building Community, Culture, Coalitions.”

I don’t want to make any commitments just yet, but I think it might be kind of interesting if we had a little workshop around here for grad students (and part-timers and lecturers and just about anyone else) about how to put together a proposal for the CCCCs and what the experience is like. Might be fun….

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