Some email housekeeping, some future readings for computer and writing sorts of teaching and/or research

My first Winter Break work activity is sorting through email and, simultaneously, procrastinating/discovering stuff on the web. Here are a couple of links to thinks I want to remember for teaching that involves computers and writing kinds of things (English 516, maybe 328, other classes that have a computers and writing sorta theme, etc.):

  • I downloaded Jeff Rice’s essay “Cyborgography: A Pedagogy of the Home Page” that appears in the journal Pedagogy, Winter 2005 (5.1). It’s available via Project Muse. I’ve only had a chance to skim it so far, but it seems like it would be useful for a couple of different classes I teach.
  • All around cool computers and writing woman and fellow VCU Creative Writing program alum Cheryl Ball posted a bunch of links to Tech-Rhet a week and a half ago to things about hypertext that I think would be cool to think about teaching, maybe even this semester in Writing for the World Wide Web. They are:
    “Hypertext Gardens: Delightful Vistas” by Mark Bernstein
    A PDF version of this essay (which Cheryl uses to compare the formats– kinda cool)
    Patterns of Hypertext,” yet another site by Bernstein (Cheryl claims not to be a huge Bernstein fan, but…)
  • The CMS Matrix, which is a boatload of different CMS setups, and, which allows you to test out these systems (somehow– I haven’t figured out how yet). Both of these links come from Charlie “Cyberdash” Lowe, who also has a good posting on his blog where he shares his thoughts on the subject.
  • Bud the Teacher,” which is a blog by a guy who teaches high school about using blogs to teach at the K-12 level of things. Good stuff.

Okay. Going through my email and putting these links some place means I get to check something else off my “to do” list.

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