Out with the old official blog

No, I don’t mean a remodeling of this space. I mean krause.emich.edu/blog, which is where I used to keep an official blog with MoveableType, a software that continues to haunt me from beyond the electronic grave. That includes all the archives of my previous blog.

Why, you ask? Well, despite the fact that I had gone so far as to delete the MoveableType application from my computer, I kept getting these email spam messages informing me that I had some sort of trackback ping from some sort of Texas Hold’em Poker web site. Some days, I’d get 100 of these email messages.

So that’s it. I pulled the plug on that site completely. At some point, when I decide to redecorate this blog, I will probably put up some kind site that includes some previous blog entries, particular the ones that have to do with my “Happy Academic” posts, which is where I was getting most hits on the old blog anyway.

For me, these new spam messages are yet another reason to not use MT. I used MT-Blacklist and all of that, but honest to God, I shouldn’t be spending the time I spend to blog as it is. I certainly don’t have time to spend a ton of time deleting junk.

Or let me put it this way: MT is cool and everything and it has some features (like categories) that I wish were available on blogger. However, since I switched back to Blogger back in June or so, I have not had one piece of blog spam in the comments. None. Zero. Nada.

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