The various flavors of Valentine’s day

I’m not saying that Annette and I aren’t romantics, but neither of us have ever made that big of a deal out of Valentine’s day. She’s out of town until tonight, though I did get her a small little surprise for when she gets home– nothing too elaborate, but kind of cute.

Valentine’s day seems to be a pretty big deal in Will’s school, but in one fashion or another, all thoughts of romantic love have been pretty much completely drained from it. In the spirit of everyone being equal and above average, everyone in Will’s class gets a Valentine– no giving to just your friends or the ones you have a crush on. Just to flatten it out a bit more, kid Valentine cards are gender appropriate. In other words, the girls give Barbie doll Valentine cards, and the boys give Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards. Usually, there is some kind of candy involved, though not as much as Halloween.

Anyway, my witnessing of Will’s grade school experience has made this interesting recollection and critique about the grade school Valentine experience not surprising.

Two other V day links, one kinda cute, one of The Onion variety humor:

  • The Acme Heart Maker allows you to put your own lettering on a candy heart. You are kind of limited in the number of letters, though. Here’s the one I made:

  • The Onion love coupons. Coupons include “Entitles bearer to pick the porn movie” and “One dinner at restaurant with silverware.”

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