Oh, I’m a bad bad person…

Back on January 10, I said my goal was to lose 15 pounds by my birthday, which is March 25. I’m beginning to think that that ain’t gonna happen because, as of today (depending on the extent to which I want to believe my quasi-psycho scale), I have about another 12.5 pounds to go. I was doing pretty well, but then there was some unauthorized snacking. Not a lot, but Tuesday was “Fat Tuesday” or Paczki Day as they say around here (but I just had one, not like seven or something) and I had a bit too much chocolate on Wednesday because, as is my tradition, I went and got myself a treat after the mean dental lady finished cleaning my teeth.

The real killer has been the gym, or lack thereof. I’ve had something I have had to do for work every single day this week that interferes with my gym time, and because I have a conference I have to go to on Saturday, it looks like the weekend is pretty much out, too. And for the non-academics out there: just because I am not in my office on campus every day doesn’t mean I’m not working; it’s just that I tend to work (do most of my work, actually) at coffee shops, at home, very early in the morning, at night, etc.

Anyway, the result of this and the realities of the calendar make me think that making my -15 pound goal by March 25 is pretty unlikely, especially at the rate I’m going. Or not going.

But two good thoughts. First, I do think I have a reasonably good chance to get back to the weight I was at when we went to Hawaii last June. That would mean losing about another five pounds. Second (and this will be the case if I don’t lose any more weight at all), I’m still quite a bit lighter now than I was a year ago, maybe 10 or so pounds lighter. So I guess that’s good…

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