Two interesting blog revision options

As I’ve written about several times before, I’m pretty sure that I will be sticking with blogger, even when (or maybe “if”) I revise the design/layout of this web site. The main reason boils down to spam spam spam. So very annoying.
Even though I haven’t done anything with the old Moveable Type-driven version of my blog(s) for about a year, I still get spam spam spam on those sites, even with MT-Blacklist installed. What a pain.

Anyway, while I haven’t been seeking out new and improved templates, I’ve come across two kind of interesting possibilities:

  • This cool site from I’m not sure I like the color changing thing– it’s kind of cool, but it’s also maybe just a bit much– but it’s kind of an interesting and simple design that seems flexible enough to change to my own needs and desires.
  • These templates from eris: design, which was what Samantha Blackmon was using on her old blog (I still need to update my links to her new blog…).

Really, I think what I want to do is to have the skills/knowledge to modify my blogger template for my own purposes and tastes. I’ve learned A TON about CSS in the last couple weeks, and that’s making me feel a bit more confident. So who knows? Maybe there will be something different soon.

Or maybe I’ll just update this boring template.

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