Wanna read Wayne Booth's new book?

Sure you do. So does Collin, Jenny, Clancy and potentially a bunch of other people too.

You can go check out those blogs for the skinny on this, but basically, I think they’re proposing a seminar/discussion/”Carnival” where we read and blog about Booth’s new book, The Rhetoric of Rhetoric. This sounds like a great idea to me.

Hopefully, I will be participating in this (at least some) because I am a big Booth fan and because I actually own this book. I bought it at MLA and started reading it while on the exercise bike at the gym where my in-laws live. But I might not be participating that much because I am super-duper swamped with school work, textbook writing, and– oh yeah, that pesky scholarship. Deep sigh.

A great idea though.

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