Two other reasons to get delicious library

Delicious library is this cool library-building software available for the Mac that has an interface that basically looks like iTunes. I mentioned it here a couple weeks ago. Pretty neat stuff. But beyond that, there are two other reasons why I think this might be worth buying, at least according to this WIRED News article:

  • “Version two, due later this year, will allow users to browse each other’s libraries. It will be location-aware, letting users know who has what in their neighborhood or city.

    “It will also work on local networks (using Apple Computer’s Rendezvous), so people can browse their colleagues’ or fellow students’ collections, just as Apple’s iTunes exposes other users’ playlists.”

    (Of course, this might be a reason to wait until version two comes out before plunking down my cash).

  • The people who produce this software, a company called Delicious Monster, have their “office” at a coffee shop in the University district in Seattle– snail-mail address and everything. According to the WIRED article, “It’s cheap rent and a fun environment,” said [company co-founder and graphic designer Mike] Matas. “We go down there every day with our laptops and work. It’s an incredible place. They have two or three of the top baristas in the country (the awards are on the wall). We pay our rent by buying coffee…. They love us. We’re some of their best customers.”

    As someone who loves working in coffee shops, I have to have great admiration for an operation like this. Makes me wonder about the possibilities. I already do most of my prep work and much of my scholarly writing in coffee shops; what if I could teach and hold meetings in coffee shops? Why, I wouldn’t have to actually go to the building where I work, which, if you have seen it before, would probably be a good thing.

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