Dieting in the right direction, but…

This week was a pretty good one for me in terms of my goal of losing 15 pounds by March 25. Depending on what angle I step on the scale, I’m down about 3 pounds this week, so 12 more pounds or so to go. I think there are basically three reasons for this progress. First off, I ate/drank pretty healthy during the week. Second, while we went out to eat and to a fun party celebrating the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns (sorry in advance about the annoying music on that site), I didn’t gorge myself and thus didn’t gain back the weigh I lost while being good.

Third, I made it to the gym four times last week and continued my pattern of mixing some “slow jogging” into my treadmill return. But this is where the “but…” of my post title comes in. I think I need to take it easy with that. Annette and I went to the gym on Sunday, and I tried my slow jogging deal on the treadmill again. Only this time, the back of my calves kept feeling more and more sore. Previously, I had simply chalked this up soreness to being out of shape and not used to jogging. But then, while I was in jogging mode on Sunday, the back of my left calf really REALLY started to hurt. So I stopped that and kinda limped around the rest of the day.

I did a Google search and I came across this useful page on calf strain pain, and in the nutshell, it says to not mess with it, rest until it feels better, etc. It seems to me my friend Mary, who takes running way seriously, has had some similar and more serious issues that put her on the sidelines for a while. So I guess I’d better pay attention.

Instead of walking/jogging on Monday, I worked out on one of those elliptical trainer thing-a-ma-bob with no pain or problems, which, according to this web site, makes sense. I’d still like to get back to the jogging thing, but the elliptical things are kinda fun anyway.

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