Freakin’ Winter Wonderland

Originally uploaded by steven_d_krause.

We had ten inches of snow Friday night/Saturday morning. Ten, accompanied by bitter bitter cold.

You know, snow in late November or December is kind of nice. It’s fresh and new, a sign of the season, a change of pace. I like to shovel during that first snow. I tend to take my time with this shoveling, neatly clearing all the sidewalk, driveway, pathways, etc.

But after the fourth or fifth snow, especially after your garage sale snowblower dies on you, you get a little sick of the snow and the cold and the shoveling. You do a half-assed job on the sidewalk and skip the driveway. And after ten freakin’ inches and icy icy cold weather, you start thinking that maybe, just maybe, those red southern states aren’t all bad.

BTW, I’m trying to figure out this flickr service– pretty cool stuff.

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