Not the way I wanted to get out of my exercise

I went to the gym again this morning (I’ve been pretty good about both exercise and eating this week– more on that later) to do my usual (as of late) fast walking/slow jogging while watching CNN Headline News. Just another day at the gym. Then someone taps me on the shoulder and says “You have to go. We’re evacuating the building.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Bomb threat,” this person said.

The gym that Annette and I go to, One-on-One (here’s a link to their horribly out of date web site), is in this sort of out of the way strip mall sort of place. There’s a beauty parlor, some kind of small business, a day care center, and the gym. Now, I don’t much about the logic of bomb threats, but who the hell would call in a bomb threat to a gym/strip mall?

There isn’t anything in the paper about it tonight, but maybe there will be some kind of update tomorrow.

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