Want an easy way to feel better about yourself?

Then just watch the Fox Network show Nanny 911. Annette and I were watching this show tonight. The basic plot of the show is a Nanny (appropriately British) comes in and “fixes” a completely and incredibly messed up family in about a week. It of course ends happily, at least in the span of 50 minutes of TV. God only knows what happens after the Nanny and film crew leaves.

I suppose you could say that the entertainment value of the show is that the Nanny solves all the problems. But if you ask me, the real hook of the show is seeing these completely and utterly screwed up families. Tonight’s episode featured was typical in that it featured parents allowing kids to do things that are so over the line they are laughable. It’s as if these children are being raised by drunken wolves.

How can that not make you feel better about yourself and your parenting skills?

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