Just a few MLA Picts

The MLA is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, which certainly has its advantages and disadvantages as a venue. On the plus-side, it has a lot of fine amenities, as I’ve mentioned before. For example, I am typing this message now in a lounge area equipped with huge and comfy leather chairs. I’ve been to my fair share of conferences where you had to fight to find a spot to sit on the floor. The down-side is that this facility is so enormous, it’s like there isn’t anyone here. Of course, isn’t it true that most people who attend MLA don’t really “attend” anything? Aren’t most of us in meetings or interviews or what-have-you?

Anyway, a few pictures:

This is actually a shot of City Hall on my walk to the convention center. It doesn’t really do the building justice; it’s a beautiful and enormous structure.

This is a picture of what I guess you’d call the “entrance hall” for the convention center. To the left is the MLA registration area. The thing on the ceiling is some kind of funky sculpture.

This is just another shot from inside the convention center. Like I said, the place is absolutely huge, and other than the book exhibit area, this about as crowded as it gets.

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