The fall is officially over!

I just finished posting my grades for the Fall 2004 term, which means I’m officially “done” with classes until the Winter 2005 term, which is approaching a lot more rapidly than I would prefer. I have a few minor things to attend to around here, and then my wife and son and I are going to my in-laws in Florida for Christmas. From there, my wife and I are flying to Philadelphia for the (in)famous MLA Convention. I might post a bit about those experiences at a later date, but since I’m interviewing for jobs this season, I think I’ll be mum for now and then kind of vague about it all after.

And then we fly back to Florida, where we’re staying until January 4. Normally, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but a) I am WAY behind on planning my winter 2005 classes, and b) the winter 2005 term starts January 5, less than 24 hours after we get back from this two week trip. Hang on tight.

Anyway, that’s also a way saying that postings here will be sporadic based on Internet connectivity, work I need to do, and fun in the sun I will want to have. Happy holi-daze, everybody.

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