This one goes out for the ladies…

I came across two different links/articles today that I am sure will appeal to my female readers:

* First, there’s this blog entry by Jenny “Stupid Undergrounds” Edbauer about a guy pretending to be a gynecologist. Jenny is a grad student at the University of Texas at Austin who writes a very good comp/rhet blog which also has entries like this one. The short version is that a guy in Texas (of course it was Texas!) got busted for giving “exams” at a storage facility. Weird.

* Second, there’s this web site for the Christian Chick Lit Roundtable, which I came across at John “A Writing Teacher’s Blog” Lovas. As John points out, this is just another example of the “parallel universe” of religious readers out there, the same folks who have bought 18 million + copies of the “Left Behind” series.

Anyway, enjoy.

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