So, what do you think of the purple? (Remodeling, part 2)

Annette (well, and others) have commented against the previous redness. So how’s this?

I like this site which provides some alternative blogger layouts, and I like the look of this blog (and I want to point out that this is awfully red). I really like the look of the Feministe site, which is always changing, and I like the looks of Martini Republic, too. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I believe there are three morals to this. First, I am a writer and not much a designer. Second, my skills with CSS in particular and higher-end computer junk in general are pretty limited. Which leads to number three: I have to either accept that I’m gonna have a kind of generic and/or crappy-looking blog, or I am going to have to school myself on design and higher end computer stuff. I’ve been thinking about this on my official blog, too, but that’s a different space.

Anyway, is the purple at least a little better?

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