Bumper-sticker fan letter

I should be at the gym this morning– or, if not there, I should be doing something more “productive” than blogging. But two things I wanted to post about before I forget. This is the first thing:

Yesterday, I was at the gym, and I came out to find a note under the windsheild wiper of the “piece o’ crap” minivan, which has kind of become the defacto “Steve car” as of late. The note said:

I love your bumper stickers!
Thanks for the needed laugh

You’re welcome.

Oh, and for the record, the bumper-stickers on the van say the following:

“Support your Local Rhetorician” (that’s a composition and rhetoric teacher/scholar joke– funny, huh?)

“What would Scooby Do?”

“Someone Less Dumb for President”

“Is it 2008 Yet?” (which is pictured in this post)

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