Congrats to EMU Teachers!

I haven’t seen all the details of it yet, but WEMU is reporting that EMU has been rated as one of the best schools in the country in terms of preparing K-12 teachers. This is apparently according to one of these US News and World Report books. There’s a link about all this on EMU’s homepage right now. I’d link directly to it, but I can’t– go see it, you’ll see why.

Of course, you have to take any of these sorts of rankings with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t really surprise me. EMU has a very large and very good teacher preparation program, and it’s something that everyone at EMU is involved in. Our department has at least 800 majors (maybe more), and most of them are in English Education. We have folks who specialize in that of course, but everyone in our department– writing folk, lit folk, lit folk, and so on– have some kind of “claim” on the major and helping those students. And I think it’s a fair guess that just about every other department at EMU has a similar connection with Education.

Anyway, congrats to us. It’s nice to hear some good news about EMU for a change of pace.

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