Happy Birthday, Annette!

Here’s Annette at her birthday party, which was last night. Forced to sit on the floor at her own party…. Well, actually, there were a lot of people sitting around on the floor.

This is the big “four-o” for Annette, and all she wanted (or so she says) was a great big birthday party. And it was a great party, too– lots of good friends, good talk, good food. Annette actually ended up making most of the food, which I guess kind of defeats the purpose of receiving a birthday party as a gift, but I helped. And I will keep cleaning up the mess after I post this message, too. Rachel brought an excellent cake– can’t say enough good things about that woman’s baking.

This isn’t all Annette is going to get for her birthday, though. Will and I have some small gifts up our collective sleaves, and I’m trying to convince Annette that she ought to give herself a new laptop computer as a combination 40th birthday/book contract/tax write-off celebration sort of deal. And I guess in a way, she already got a new TV (which we bought last week). Though I suppose that’s more a “gift” for Will and me, really….

It makes me think a bit about turning 40 myself, which is still a year and a half away. I’ll be getting ready for some sort of minor mid-life crisis by then, and I am considerably more greedy and materialistic than Annette, so I’ll probably want a new computer or a new car or a new car with a computer in it. At one point, I thought about getting my ear pierced when I turn 40, but I doubt I’ll do that. A pierced ear on a 40 year old man who is short and who has a big bulbous head isn’t a good look. Maybe I’ll get a tatoo though…

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