Enjoy the "Convergence" in North Carolina

Via Collin’s blog this morning, I learned about Convergences 2004, which is basically a small conference/symposium feature 19 comp/rhet and technology-type folks meeting in Raleigh, NC at NC State this coming weekend. From the names on the program that I recognize, it’s a younger and “up and coming” crowd who all know each other in one way or another and who will probably discuss cool and groovy and hip topics. Rock on.

Actually, I think that very small conferences/symposium like this have a lot of value and are a lot of fun, but the cost of travel and lack of funding from places like EMU make events like this a luxury I can’t afford. Unless something like this could be held in Michigan, which, given the number of comp/rhet/tech kinda folk around, could probably be arranged….

Anyway, have fun, gang.

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