Go vote for John Kerry. Please…

Two quick thoughts this morning as I listen to the news:

* Bush on the stump sort of sounds like a guy who hasn’t been president for four years. He’s saying stuff like “give us a chance to get in there and win the war on terrorism.” And what’s annoying is after getting his loyalty-oath signing audience to lap this up, he’s likely to convince a few people out there that we should give this Bush guy a chance. What do they say about the definition of stupidity or insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

* I’m bracing myself for four more years of the Bush regime, and I’m clinging to the silver-lining that W. will screw stuff up so bad that the next time around, we can have someone who is acutally a “liberal” run for president and win. But I’m also trying to keep cautiously optomistic about this election. I keep hearing polls that say it’s too close to call, and when undecided voters go to the polls, they typically vote for change. Which, given my previous thought, makes some sense.

Keeping various things crossed….

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