At least the newspaper in Crawford, Texas doesn’t want Bush again…

See this editorial in support of Kerry for president, which is noteworthy because it comes from the newspaper from Crawford, Texas, “The Lone Star Iconclast” (whadda name!) Right at the top of this page there’s an ad for a paperweight with the tagline “Crawford, Texas: Home of George W. Bush.” All yours for $39.95.

I’m glad that the Iconoclast has finally seen the light, and I’ve been happy about the positive buzz that Kerry has been getting post the debate. But I also have to kind of wonder if this Kerry endorsement isn’t a bit of a “publicity stunt,” too. I’m listening to NPR this morning and they’re talking to the editor of the Iconoclast right now.

And I’m still worried if it’s going to make a difference. ABC News had a poll right after the debate that noted that Kerry might have won the debate, but a majority of those polled were still going to vote for Bush.

I hold out some hope because there was still a large number of people who were undecided in this poll, but I’m still bracing myself of four more years of this idiotic government because people are stupid. I mean, what the polls and news seem to suggest is that a good half of the population has something like this going through their heads:

“Yeah, the economy isn’t that good right now and the only thing Bush has done is cut taxes for rich people. I don’t really feel a lot safer now, even with all the stuff that they’ve been doing with this homeland security stuff. Sure, we let Osma Bin Laden go and it turns out that Bush was either wrong or just flat-out lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I mean, we really had to get rid of Saddam right now, even though it turns out there was no connection between him and 9/11 and he wasn’t a direct threat to the US. And yeah, this war in Iraq, which we shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place, is going really bad.

“But I’m still going to vote for the Bush. Hey, stay the course, right?”

In other words, keep doing the same thing and somehow believe it will turn out differently.

People are stupid.

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