Wanted: Online English Teachers (part-time, of course)

My colleague and friend Bill Hart-Davidson sent me this image and said I should blog about it. In a way, I kind already have in the recent past. For example, there was this entry from the old blog back in May (my apologies for the blog spam there– this was always the drawback of movable type for me). In that story from the Chronicle, we hear the story of a woman who teaches completely online and who claims to be making $90K + a year. And then there’s this entry about the SAT folks looking for readers of the upcoming essay part of the exam. I have (and I guess continue to do so) thought about signing up for this for the extra cash and the experience of it all.

Now ITT is getting into the act, apparently.

There are a lot of problems with the academic system that perpetuates the use of unempowered part-time labor to teach classes like first year composition, and, increasingly at places like EMU, more and more advanced classes, too. I’m against that, obviously.

On the other hand, from a worker’s point of view, if you are going to work part-time as a composition teacher, it seems to me there would be huge advantages to doing it from home. For one thing, instead of having to be a “road warrior” forced to drive around from campus to campus, literally keeping your “office” in the trunk of your car, you could travel between different schools electronically. So I don’t know; it might not be that bad, relatively speaking.

12 thoughts on “Wanted: Online English Teachers (part-time, of course)”

  1. hi there, would you be so kind as to send some more info regarding teaching online please. Im currently teaching English for an institute in Abu Dhabi UAE.

  2. To whom ths may concern,

    I own an English Academy in Madrid and I am very interested in teaching students online. Online teaching would be a first. I hold eleven years teaching experience within Europe and volunteer work in Thailand. Any details you could provide would be appreciated. Please contact me at the above email address. I work rigourously and effectively. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you, Sharice Harris

  3. I have been teaching Bengali , Urdu, Hindi and English as foreign languages for last five years in a class room setup. I am very interested about online language teaching.I am an MA in Linguistics and competent in Sanskrit other than the above mentioned languages.

  4. Hi. I am from India teaching English as second language for past 6 yrs. I have my Masters in English Literature. I am a lecturer teaching Business Communication in a Business School. I am interested in Online teaching.

  5. For seven years now, I’ve been teaching ESL to Korean students. This online teaching sounds really great! Any information given will be highly appreciated.

  6. Hi, am experienced TEFL teacher working in Spaibn (fluent in Spanish). How can I get started giving one to one classes online?

  7. Hello Steven:

    Are you still looking for online ESL teachers? I would love to learn more about your program and team. Perhaps I would be an asset. I have a degree in Biology and English combined, plus exprience as a journalist, and one year’s ESL teaching experience in China.

    All the best,


  8. Hello.
    I own a M.Sc.,M.Phil degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.I have Two years experience as a lecturer in the same feild for P.G students.I would like to know more about online teaching.

  9. Hello, I have a College Diploma, TOESL Certificate, and 1 year experience teaching ESL in Japan. Please direct me to more information regarding online teaching. Thank you.

  10. I am Fillipina english teacher interested to migrate to UAE,i am also intereste witht the concept of online english teacher,can anyone find some jobs for me.

  11. Hello!

    I am currently doing online teaching to Korean and Taiwanese students. I have been teaching online for almost three years now. Some of my students have been with me for over a year now, still learning and improving a lot. I want to have more students as I still have some vacant time to spare. Can you please include me in your line up of teachers? I have been an English teacher for 18 years and I am currently teaching at an international school in the Philippines.

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