Where the hell have I been?

I realized this morning that it’s been days and days since I’ve posted to this unofficial life blog, and I haven’t said anything too terribly interesting over at the official blog, either. So, for the millions of regular readers, thought I’d post a couple highlights from the past week’s adventures:

* This is the first full week of school for me, and I was swamped with a project and classes. Oh wait, that’s something that belongs on the other blog… Oh well, it explains in part why I’m not posting much on this blog.

* My weight continues to head south, though slowly, in a sort of “two step forwards and one step back” fashion. As I noted in a post a week ago, I was down -16 or so pounds. The very next day, we went to a wedding (Annette’s chiropractor, believe it or not) and after that indulgence, I was at -12 pounds. Earlier in the week, I had briefly cracked the -15 pound barrier again; this morning, after being a bit naughty yesterday, I’m back at -13.

* Annette and I watched Bad Santa last night. Freakin’ hilarious movie. And I’m totally sold on the Netflix, by the way. We watch on average one or two movies a week, so I think the $20 a month fee is worth it for us, especially since there are no late fees.

* Later today, Will is going to a “Harry Potter-themed” birthday party, where all of the children are expected to show up in costume as a particular character. Will has been assignd (?) the role of Fang, who is Haggrid’s dog. I looked up some instructions for making a dog costume on the web, and I will be constructing the outfit this morning.

* Steve B. and I made a field trip on Friday to the Apple store in Novi because I was told that they had a combination printer/document-feed scanner/photocopier on sale there for $130 with a $100 rebate. Close. It didn’t have the document feed feature, which is all I really want. Still, it was a pleasant enough trip.

* At some point today, I need to do some more yard work.

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