New Adventures in Dieting: Back on track again (but I might need a new scale…)

-14.5 or -16 pounds or so

I think there are two things that have put me back on track in terms of the diet. First, school has started, and I have found myself at work without time or even interest in eating. In other words, there’s no “I have nothing else to do– I think I’ll eat something” kind of eating. Second, I’ve been able to get to the gym again pretty regularly.

Still, I might need to get a new scale. It has always been somewhat suspect because moving it around a bit or stepping on it at a slightly different angle can change things by a pound or more. But it seems to be doing that more lately. And besides that, going back to the gym again makes me wonder about the accuracy of it. They have one of those “doctor office” kinds of scales in the locker room. The last time I got on it, I was at about -16. That’s 2 pounds less than I was on the scale at home, and that’s in my gym clothes and after a light breakfast.

I know, I know, we’re only talking about a pound or two. But hey, a pound or two is all I’m losing each week on this diet, so I’ll take all of ’em.

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