Jesus and the Devil haircut

I went for a haircut at my usual place in the Arcade in downtown Ann Arbor just now, and while the cut was fine and I happily didn’t have to wait at all, the woman cutting my hair had on some religious TV show on. The preacher, who was also a woman, was speaking about ways we all have to fight the devil in our minds by citing passages from the Bible. Pretty kooky stuff, if you ask me.

I thought about getting her to change the channel, but I decided against it. For one thing, it would have been kind of rude. For another, she might have used that as an opportunity/excuse to really screw up the haircut.

Anyway, simply yet another example of how hard it is for me to find a good place to get a haircut, I guess. Over the last fifteen or so years, I can think of three people who I thought did a really good job. One was this kind of punk woman in Richmond. She worked at this funky place in the Oregon Hill neighborhood. I assume I was the only client she had who had a “normal” hairstyle. Then, when Annette and I were grad school in Bowling Green, we used to get our hair cut by this quasi-closeted man named Bob. He did a great job and was dirt-cheap, too. The two things about him were you had to schedule an appointment like a month in advance because he was so busy– I’d usually just set an appointment right after I got done. The other thing was he cut my hair REALLY fast, I mean unnervingly fast. I was usually in and out of there in 10 minutes.

I haven’t found anyone as good in the AA-Ypsi area. Maybe I’ll just start going to that place in the mall…

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