Three notes about Will

* On Sunday, Will somewhat unexpectedly said he wanted to get the training wheels off of his bike and to try to learn to ride it two-wheeled style. He may have been motivated to do this by a friend who is one year younger and who has matered the two-wheeled approach. Will, like his father, is a bit of a chicken, too afraid of pain and/or falling, so there was a lot of “don’t let go! don’t let go!” kind of crying. He was going to give up almost right away, but I promised a Dairy Queen trip if he was willing to keep it up for a while. We made some progress, though we will be working on this for a bit longer.

* Will and I both continue to enjoy the new PlayStation2. He seems stuck on a particular level of his Harry Potter game, though.

* Today is Will’s first day of school– second grade. Annette and I will be taking him in today so we get a chance to meet his new teacher and all that. I am planning on going to the gym right after words, so I’m going to be meeting this person looking pretty scruffy and smelling somewhat questionable. This look this morning will only be heightened by the fact that I haven’t shaved in a couple days and I very much need a haircut. Oh well; at least Annette will look like a grown-up.

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