A few belated posts all in one

It’s been a while (relatively speaking) since I’ve posted anything particularly interesting to the “life blog,” and since one of my regular readers (I’ve got a million of them, of course) sent me an email to ask what’s new, I thought I’d write this “combo” post.

Adventures in dieting: It’s going pretty good since I’m back to going ot the gym as often as possible and we’re trying to eat right again. I think I picked up a pound the other day, but I was down -14.5 the other day. I’m not going to make my -16 or -18 or so pound goal by the time classes start, but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction. However…

Ow! I’ve done something to my back that is hurting me imensely. I realize that lower-back pain isn’t exactly an unusual condition, but I rarely have problems and I can’t remember ever being in the sort of pain I’m in now. Asprin helps, the heatpad helps, and walking around helps. But it had better go away pretty soon or I’m going to have to see Annette’s chiropractor.

Happy Birthday, Will! Will’s actual birthday is coming up next week, but we had his birthday party last week before school started for everyone. I put up this little web site with some of the picture highlights.

PlayStation Mania: Will’s big present this year was a PlayStation2– a lot of gift, for sure, though it also is something that I’ve managed to play with a bit too. So far, I’ve been fascinated by this driving game, and I think one of the games that Will is getting from his grandparents includes a basketball game of some sort. I’m not real crazy about the “first person shooter” games, but who knows, I might get one of those one day, too.

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