eBook insight

Dang, I ought to read that Kairos news blog more often…

From this entry, I found this article “500 Books In Your Gadget Bag.” Haven’t had a chance to read it all yet, but it looks interesting. Here’s the opening paragraph:

The common wisdom is that eBooks will have a hard time for two reasons: bad reader devices and book junkies opting only for the hard stuff, the dead-tree form factor. But display technology, a sticking point in making attractive readers, has come a long way. And the idea that eBooks and books printed on paper can’t coexist peacefully is an almost Luddite belief. Steve Jobs doesn’t show up and take your CD deck when you buy an iPod – music and books on physical media remain, for some time to come. Still, bring up eBooks in a bookish crowd, and you’ve got conflict as contentious as any Manchester United/Arsenal match.

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