"Welcome to AdjunctNation"

I don’t know why I’ve never actually come across this before (perhaps because I’m not an adjunct– at least not anymore and/or right now), but one of my grad students who is writing about adjunct issues referenced this site, AdjunctNation.

Great site. Besides info about and some articles from the magazine Adjunct Advocate, it also includes a lot of helpful tips and pieces of advice for would-be and current adjuncts and a lot of cartoons that are funny because they’re true(this one made me laugh outloud while my students were working on their web sites in class), and heck, it even has a version of “hangman” called “Adjunct Hang Prof!”

2 thoughts on “"Welcome to AdjunctNation"”

  1. Hi,

    Glad you liked our Web site. The cartoon you selected to link to is one of my favorites!

    Best wishes,

    P.D. Lesko, Publisher
    Adjunct Advocate

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