“Krispy Kreme Drinkable Doughnut”

Just to amuse myself this evening, I was looking through the “stats” pages on this server space. Most of it means nothing because software like blogger must do something screwy with how hits work on a page. Anyway, one of the common search strings I discovered folks were using and somehow coming across my blog was “krispy kreme drinkable doughnut.” So I tried it myself, and I was lead to this article with the headline “Krispy Kreme introduces glazed doughnut frozen beverage.”

BTW, I assume that my site turned up because of previous references to Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Now, my first reaction to the doughnut beverage is “eww, gross.” But I must say that Krispy Kreme does have excellent coffee and of course the absolute best doughnuts, so who knows? Maybe it’s good. However, considering that a small size of this beverage has twice as many calories and more than three times as many carbs as a single doughnut, I think I’ll have to hit the -20 pound mark before sampling one of these things.

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