The Shift to Blogger: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…

It’s been about a week or so since I’ve made the shift to blogger, and I must say I’m beginning to have some regrets. There have been some minor things that were missing from blogger, things like categories, that I was willing to live with. But now blogger has done something weird with their software– or something.

I’m posting this message now from my Mac iBook G4, which is my “main computer” that I use for just about everything, including this blog stuff. But I’m using the awful Internet Exploder browser because it’s the only one that will work from my Mac, basically as of about last night. I tried to post to my unofficial blog with Safari, my browser of choice and the browser I had used previously to do my blogger stuff, and while it would post the title of my entry, it wouldn’t post anything in the body of my post.

This morning, I tried to do it in several other browsers– Netscape, Camino, Mozzilla, Firefox– and none of them worked. I did get a “javascript” error with the Camino browser though, which makes me think that blogger has done something that essentially screws over Mac users like me and/or people who would prefer to not use Internet Explorer.

Anyway, IE works for now, perhaps it is an issue with my computer I need to address, and/or if it really is a “system-wide” problem at blogger, I’m going to have to assume that this is something that will be fixed. But the situation does make me have my regrets about the migration.

A slight update:

It appears that my problems are the result of some “improvements” blogger is making. Oy Vey. Here’s a link to some info about it all on the blogger site, and here’s a link to the blog of the blogger engineer who is working on these “improvements.

Now, I have to say that while it pisses me off that blogger has pushed out a software “improvement” that flat-out doesn’t work on the mac (yet), I am impressed that the blogger/google folk seem willing to at least tell folks what’s going on (sort of), and they appear to be working to solve this problem. In other words, I have to say they seem to actually want to work with their customers (who aren’t really “customers” at all since no one pays for blogger, right?) in a way I didn’t see happening with Movable Type. If you didn’t pay for MT, you got zippo in terms of support.

Of course, all your settings didn’t change automatically either…

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