Student Blogging and Web Usability Links

‘Twas the morning before Christmas, and in my parents’ house in Iowa, I was awoken by the sound of tiny pre-schooler feet running around downstairs at 5:30 in the morning. Oh well, so it gives me a chance to use my parents’ computer, which has a cable modem connection, to do a little “Writing for the World Wide Web” surfing.

Two interesting links:

* This link from the education-themed “Weblogg-ed” about how blogging does or doesn’t work for students in classrooms. It is a post that raises a lot of good questions, has a lot of good links, and ties into an article I have under consideration right now at a publication out there in computer and composition-land.

* This link is from Jakob Nielsen’s site and it lists what he sees as the “top 10 mistakes” of 2003. I have sort of mixed feelings about Nielsen’s work. On the one hand, I think he is a lot of good ideas about making web sites more readable and usable. On the other hand, his web sites seems kind of boring to me.

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