School's Out! (Well, for a couple weeks…)

I posted my last set of grades this evening for the Fall term and I now have the sweet taste of completion on my tongue. At least for a short while. We start up again with classes here at EMU on January 5, far too short of a break if you ask me. Of course, the good news is we are done with the Winter 2004 semester before the end of April.

My goals over the holiday break (besides giving and receiving Christmas day gifties and traveling to Iowa to see family) are to get my classes for Winter prepared and to potentially figure out how to use movable Type for this blog space. I’ve started to figure it out for my unofficial blog space, but I would like to run this blog on the same server that I run my home page on, which is a Mac running OS 10.3, and there are some kinks to work out first.

Anyway, I will briefly bask in the glow of my free time…

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