What does a University President have to do to get fired?

I noticed in The Chronicle of Higher Education today that the faculty senate at Auburn University have taken a “no confidence” vote of the president. Since I don’t subscribe to The Chronicle’s online news service, I did a google search and came up with the web site http://www.firewilliamwalker.com/, which is all about why William Walker, the president of Auburn U, needs to go. I of course don’t know any of the details, but from this site, the two big things that have gotten Walker in trouble are managing to get Auburn on probation with its accreditation body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and he had some shady dealings with trying to hire Bobby Petrino as the football coach. I get the impression from the web site and the articles linked to from the web site that the thing that really has people mad there is the football coach deal and some other corrupt practices involving the board of regents.

I wonder how a $5 + million dollar house would figure into this situation?

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