EMU PDU Web Site Up and Running

EMU’s Professors for a Democratic Union is a grass roots group of faculty at EMU that came about after the group of us resigned from our chapter’s union’s executive committee. I wrote about this a bit in my “old” official blog, but in the nutshell, I was elected as a member-at-large as part of a “slate” of candidates to change the way the union is run. We couldn’t do it and we were in danger of being taken down with the irresponsible folks running things, so we decided we’d better get out while we could.

Ultimately, the result was this group, which now has a web site at http://www.emu-pdu.org. We’re organizing with a policy platform, we’re putting forward a new slate of candidates (and this time, we’re going to run enough candidates to make sure we win this thing), and we’re pursing legal action as necessary. Perhaps it’s no wonder that the EMU faculty union web site isn’t working right now and hasn’t been for a couple of days.

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