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“Jay Speaks” to “The Intercept:” A few miscellaneous thoughts

If you were a fan of the recent podcast Serial, you really need to read the three part series “Jay Speaks,” a three part interview with the Jay in the Serial show, Jay Wilds, conducted by Natasha Vargas-Cooper in The Intercept. The link I have … Continue reading

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"Podcasting on a Shoestring"

Nick Carbone passed this article along to the WPA-L mailing list and I’ve been meaning to post a link to it here and possibly for English 516: “Podcasting on a Shoestring: Community college turns to open source and used computers … Continue reading

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Some things I learned from a land down-under (followed by a tangent…)

I’ve been following dannah boyd’s blog lately, and she recently discussed her role as a keynote speaker at one of the series of seminars put on by an outfit in Australia called Boyd was talking about MySpace (what else?), … Continue reading

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"Podcasts replace textbooks for GATE students"

This is an especially misleading headline, but it is what it is: Podcasts replace textbook for GATE students, from the Mohave Daily News. Happily, looking at the first couple of paragraphs proves that they aren’t throwing away the textbooks exactly: … Continue reading

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Will Podcasting "Hit it" this year?

See this article from Open Culture, “Podcasts to Hit Inflection Point in ’07.” Will podcasting become the next big thing? Here’s what these folks say: “The answer boiled down to this: Podcasting stands poised to proliferate in ’07, much like … Continue reading

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Podcasting the Byzantines (and beyond)

According to this post on Open Culture, one of the most (the most?) podcast courses posted in iTunes is one called “Twelve Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire” (here’s a link to the web site for the course). … Continue reading

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Audioblogger soon to be no more….

Well, this is a bummer: according to the folks at Boing Boing, the audioblogger feature on blogger– which allows you to literally call in an audio file over the phone and post it to your blogger blog– is going to … Continue reading

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Podcast channel-surfing

I stumbpeld across this site, Odeo, which appears to be a non-iTunes related podcasting resource that looks kinda cool. One feature that strikes me as kind of cool is that it has a randomizer function on it. The first podcast … Continue reading

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I went to an informal workshop/discussion this afternoon held by some folks in Continuing Education about audio files, podcasting, and some other multimedia technologies for teaching, mostly for teaching online. Mostly, a good time was had by one and all– … Continue reading

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YackPack– something else I'll have to talk about in this podcasting article, I suppose…

See Yackpack, which (as far as I can tell after monkeying around with it for about three minutes) is a website/software that facilitates group podcasts. It looks quite easy and kind of fun. And it looks relevant to what I’m … Continue reading

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