The Yin/Yang of official/unofficial blogging as one: two video examples

Here’s a good example of the challenges of posting stuff here that will reach different audiences, potentially in different ways.

The first one is pretty easy, and something I might before have put on my “official” blog, because it is an example of a “smart mob” phenomenon that gets talked up once in a while in computers and writing circles. From the group/organization (?) Improv Everywhere comes “Frozen Grand Central.”

Okay, and now the yang, the sort of thing I would have posted on my unofficial blog: I personally find Sarah Silverman funny, but she also is really really good at being pretty darn offensive and/or annoying. This video is an excellent example.

Helpful info before viewing:

  • Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have been dating for years.
  • There is very liberal use of a bleeped out naughty word that begins with “F.” So if you are offended by such things….
  • It gets kind of repetitive and annoying by the end.
  • Matt Damon must have a pretty damn good sense of humor.