Abbreviated CV


PhD Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Rhetoric and Writing, 1996
Dissertation: The Immediacy of Rhetoric: Definitions, Illustrations, and Implications. Alice Calderonello, Director.
MFA Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Creative Writing– Fiction, 1990
Thesis: That Moment of Stillness and Other Stories. Lee Smith, Director.
BA University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
English Literature, 1988

Academic Positions

Eastern Michigan University

  • Fall 2007 to Present:  Professor
  • Fall 2002 to Fall 2007:  Associate Professor
  • Fall 1998 to Fall 2002:  Assistant Professor

Southern Oregon University

  • Fall 1996-Fall 1998:  Assistant Professor



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Journal Editing:

World Wide Web:

  • The Process of Research Writing.   This self-published and open access textbook is the result of a publishing deal that fell through. It’s used by many first year writing teachers around the world.


  • “Twilight in Iowa” (Short Story) Ambergris, Cincinnati, OH. November 1993.
  • “Wayne F. Kennedy” (Short Story) Ambergris, Cincinnati, OH. (Winner of the journal’s Annual Fiction Award.) November 1991.
  • “Ellen Jane” (Short Story) Anthology of Short Fiction, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 1991.
  • “Big Boxes” (Short Story) Review La Booche, Volume 5, Columbia, MO. July 1990.
  • “Haircut” (Short Story) The Eavesdropping of Silence: Anthology of Short Fiction. Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 1989.


Recent Invited talks:

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Recent Workshops:

  • “MOOCs and Basic Writing,” presented at “Open Futures? Basic Writing, Access, and Technology: Council on Basic Writing Pre-Conference Workshop,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 19, 2014


Graduate Courses at EMU include:  Writing 621: Research in Theory and Practice in Writing; Writing 596: Teaching Composition at the College Level; English 527: Writing Digital Media; Writing 516: Computers and Writing, Theory and Practice; and Writing 505: Rhetoric of Science and Technology.

Undergraduate Courses at EMU include: Writing 444: Writing for the  Web; Writing 354: Critical Digital Literacies; Writing 328: Writing, Style, and Technology; Writing 323: Writing in the Professional World; and English 121: Composition and Rhetoric.

Courses at SOU included: English 495/595: Topics in Film: Movies about Movies; English 300: Introduction to Literary Criticism; Writing 450/550: Writing as a Profession; Writing 227: Technical Writing and Editing; and Core 101, 102, and 103: The First Year Colloquium.

Administrative Experiences

  • Fall 2017 to Summer 2018, Winter 2011 to Summer 2014, Winter 2006 to Summer 2008: Writing Program Coordinator, EMU
  • Fall 2015 to Summer 2017: Associate Director, First Year Writing Program, EMU
  • Fall 2006 to Spring 2007:  Interim Director of the First Year Writing Program, EMU
  • Fall 1998 to Spring 2002:  Department Computer Lab and Technology Coordinator, EMU
  • Fall 1997 to Spring 1998: Writing Center Coordinator, SOU
  • Fall 1996 to Summer 1997: Writing Program Coordinator, SOU

Academic Service

Review & Boards

  • Winter 2012-Winter 2014: Editorial Reviewer, College Composition and Communication.
  • Summer 2011 to present:  Editorial Reviewer, Computers and Composition.
  • Winter 2011:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, 2011 Computers and Writing Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Spring 2010:  First-level reviewer for the Conference for College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA
  • Spring 2010-Winter 2011:  Member, advisory board, 2011 Computers and Writing Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Winter 2007:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference, Detroit, MI
  • Fall 2003:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference, Honolulu, HI
  • Fall 1995 – Fall 1999: Editorial Board Member, Kairos, a WWW-based electronic journal about writing, rhetoric, and pedagogy

Select Committees

  • Fall 2012-Winter 2013: Chair, Associate WPA/Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2010-Winter 2011:  Member, Department Head Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2008-Winter 2009: Chair, Computers and Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2006 to Winter 2010, Fall 2004 to May 2005:  Member, Department Personnel Committee, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2005-Winter 2006:  Member, Associate Director of First Year Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2004 to Winter 2006:  Department representative, Eastern Michigan University Faculty Council
  • Winter 2003 to Summer 2003:  Member-at-large, EMU-AAUP Executive Committee, EMU