Saturn 4 sale

I just posted the ol’ Saturn to Craigslist:  Here’s the link to the ad and info.

Right when I started seriously looking for a new car, the “service engine soon” light came on.  I was hoping it would be just one of those things, like a loose gas cap or something.  Um, no.  Figures.  The good news though is $550 or so later, I know the car really is pretty much as fixed up as it’s going to get.

The Saturn has been a great car.  I got it in 2005 a few months after our crappy Plymouth Voyager minivan was stolen from in front of our house. Sure, I’ve had to put some money into it in terms of regular maintenance and such (though I can only think of one or so other times where I spent as much on a repair as I did today).  But basically, it’s been good, reliable, basic wheels.  It retaught me how to drive a stick, and it served me surprisingly well when Will and I went down to Alabama to visit my folks during winter break a couple years ago.  And if it wasn’t for the fact that our other car was getting “up there” in mileage and we were starting to feel a bit cramped on road-trips in the civic, I’d probably drive it for a year or two more.

Anyway, since I wasn’t going to get much for a trade-in, I’ve decided to try my hand selling it myself.  I’m cautiously optimistic about it.  At Will’s birthday party on Tuesday, a family friend said she knew some people looking for a used car.  I was in the grocery store today and somehow struck up a conversation with the woman at the register about our new car and how I was selling the old one, and the person behind me started asking me how much and if I had a card with contact information.  I posted the ad on Craigslist less than an hour ago and I’ve already received one inquiry about it.

So, if you’re looking for a gently used car….

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