The first of a couple animal videos: turtle at Eagle Crest Golf Course

For father’s day today, Jim K. and I played golf at EMU’s Eagle Crest Golf Course, which is described in this web site as being part of the “Eagle Crest Resort.” Well, if a corporate hotel and a golf course count as a “resort,” then I guess this is what this is.

Anyway, in the midst of my rather terrible play, we encountered a turtle on the fairway of number 15:

Note that this first video (one or two more animal videos are coming) were posted on Flickr, which I haven’t experimented yet with video. The preference for the service is clearly for short videos.

3 thoughts on “The first of a couple animal videos: turtle at Eagle Crest Golf Course”

  1. I was feeling randy, of course. ;-)

    No seriously, I was trying to get it to move, both because it was right in the middle of the fairway was was liable to be hit and/or run over by a golfer, and for my own entertainment at seeing it move. It doesn’t show up in the video, but it started to kind of make a hissing sound after a while. I decided it best to leave it alone then.

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