Bullet-proof Bear Bags (or Gmail ads can be kind of weird)

I’m pretty much a total convert to gmail, but I have to say that the ads they run with my messages can be kind of strange sometimes. Usually, the ads seem to correspond to my messages. For example, since I write a lot of emails that have to do with teaching and college, there are a lot of ads on the right for things like online degree programs and teaching materials and stuff. I tend not to think about them a whole lot.

I just checked my email now though and at the top of my inbox was this ad copy:

Bullet Proof Bear Bag – www.Ursack.com – 8 Ounces–Cuts Pack Weight and Bulk Alternative to Hard Bear Canisters

The video on the site linked above was so nice I could not resist embedding it here:

And this ad targeted at someone whose idea of camping most certainly does not include the need to have a lightweight bag to store food so that bears cannot get it. Advertising gone to waste, bear bag people.

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